Exterior Concrete Staining, Overlay, Sealing & Restoration

Exterior Concrete Stain, Sealer, Color Enhancement & Resurfacing

We are Ventura and Santa Barbara County Exterior concrete staining and coating specialists. At C&N Decorative Concrete we specialize in the restoration of your existing concrete. Why rip it out and redo it when you can restore it at a fraction of the cost. It’s amazing how you can amplify the look of your residence and/or business by resurfacing, staining or applying color enhancing sealer. We work with all broom, sand, salt and stamped concrete finishes. Surfaces such as concrete driveways, walkways, entry ways, patios and pool decks are all great candidates for concrete stain and/or overlay applications.

Outdoor Concrete Restoration And Preparation

Most outdoor concrete we are called out to see is either faded, discolored, whiting or has stain or sealer failure.  Preparation is a key factor to a long lasting resurfacing or stained finish.  If you have stain, paint or sealer failure on your surface we make sure to remove all products either by sand blasting or by stripping with eco friendly products and high pressure to expose your existing concrete.  You may also have a rather thick coating like an old failing overlay that needs to be removed.  In this situation we would remove the coatings with planetary diamond grinders that have excellent vacuum recovery so we don’t create a cloudy, dusty mess.  Check out more of our preparation methods and equipment in our surface preparation gallery.

Considering a Garage Floor Coating?

If you have been considering a garage floor coating for your garage, you should also consider our epoxy flooring! Not only are the epoxy floor coatings we use for garage floors beautiful, they are Commercial / Industrial Grade so they are Hot Tire / Chemical Resistant and extremely durable making it great for auto repair and other workshop situations.

Want to know more?

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Exterior Concrete Staining & Coatings Examples