Why Choose Us

More than 30+ Years of combined experience of turning concrete into beautiful, functional floors inside and out

Experience really matters when it comes to transforming concrete into a floor that is beautiful, longer lasting, durable and functional.  These important years of experience help us deliver a truly amazing finished floor for your  project.

The experience we’ve gained means we know how to properly prepare and create a beautiful floor that will last longer and look better than what other contractors can offer.  When done wrong, concrete flooring work can lead to premature aging and excessive wear that ruins your entire project.  Our experience means we do it right the first time!

Licensed & Insured California Contractor - this IS important to you!

As a licensed contractor with the proper required insurance for the State of California, we not only offer you our expertise that comes with qualifying for our license, we also provide you with a safety net.

When a non-licensed contractor performs work at your home or office using the heavy equipment and caustic materials we use, the risk of injury is great.  When that injury happens on your property, you could be liable for that non-insured, non-licensed worker.

Property owners in California have a protection from these costly consequences in the Contractor’s State License Board.  A contractor must pass rigorous tests to qualify for their license – this means you know the contractor knows what they are doing on your property.  It also means to remain a contractor they must have the proper insurance and bond so you, the property owner, is covered in an accident or injury.

It’s important that you hire a licensed contractor.  Our California License # is 908395.

Experts at creating the Perfect look and function you desire!

No matter which concrete flooring look you desire, we are expert at achieving it for you.  With our 30+ years of combined experience working on 1000’s of projects for our clients, we’ve mastered the art of creating the look and feel you really want in your space.

From interior concrete flooring to garage floors, commercial warehouses to office and retail spaces, restaurants and salons, exterior pool decks, patios and driveways.  We work with all commercial, industrial and residential projects and have the experience you need.

We help you figure out which type of flooring will give YOU the benefits you’re looking for and then guide you through the process of all the other choices along the way.

The final result is a higher quality and more beautiful project that will give you years of pride and joy.

We do decorative concrete right the first time!

When it comes to concrete flooring processes, preparation and materials used, there are a lot of ways to mess it up.  Most times it’s the small things.  We’ve seen way too many floors done poorly and the property owner suffers because of it.

Because of our experience, the choices we’ve made in our equipment, and the materials we use for your floors, we do it right – the first time!

When a concrete floor is prepared incorrectly, stained, polished, resurfaced or sealed incorrectly, you suffer from premature wear, fading and failure.  You can also suffer from a surface that is unsafe without the proper resistance for the flooring area.

Choosing C&N means you’re choosing the right company, that uses the right equipment, and utilizes the finest materials in the industry and applied by the most qualified and experienced people around.